Getting your second dose is important to get the strongest protection against COVID-19.

Studies have shown that about 95% of people who received both doses of the vaccine were protected against getting seriously ill.

Full protection against COVID-19 will occur approximately 14 days after your second vaccine dose. 

Understanding your two doses

When should I have my second dose?

For people aged 12 and over we recommend having your second dose 21 days after your first dose to ensure you have the strongest possible protection.

For people aged between 5-11 it is recommended that the second dose is given least 8 weeks after the first dose. The interval can be shortened to a minimum of 21 days if needed, for example if your child is starting significant immunosuppression treatment.

If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you need to wait for three months after recovering before getting your next COVID-19 vaccination. This will ensure you receive the maximum protection against the virus. 

If the gap between your appointments is more than 3 weeks

If you have already booked your second dose and the gap between your appointments is more than 3 weeks, we recommend that you try to get your vaccination earlier if you can.

You can change your booking or walk in at any of our community vaccination centres. If you are booked in at your local GP or pharmacy, you will need to contact them to change your booking. 

If you have already had your second dose more than 3 weeks after your first, you don’t need to worry. This will be just as effective and you will have full protection.

The important thing is to get two doses of the vaccine to be fully vaccinated.